DJ Marlee rocks the house

Always remembering


DJ Marlee is a passionate individual with an ear for music and an enthusiasm that translates into many things she does. She has thrown many electronic music based events that have been very well received and details such as booking great talent, reputable visual artists, and other things like stage decoration have not been overlooked. DJ Marlee is also a great performer as a DJ, with great mixing skills and track selection. She has also recently started producing her own tracks, a skill that requires deep focus and dedication. 

Toby Emerson CEO | Sound Designer 

My experience with Marlee is always such a pleasant one, both professionally and personally.  Her skills as a promoter always leave me feeling confident in the success of her events.  She is organized, competent and a seasoned player in the industry...a favorite among peers.  DJ-ing any gig along side her is not only super enjoyable, but is always executed with fluidity and confidence.  She makes sure you have what you need, and most of all - makes sure your experience is a positive one.

the Bonnie Takahashi

Marlee...she played an amazing set [at Hush Nightclub] and I was glad to see so many people out enjoying it! This girl's proven time and again that she's a certified room shaker with many years to come entertaining Victoria and beyond!  Keep your eyes open for future performances as Marlee is guaranteed good times!

Bruce @ Symbiant Productions (From the Rave Victoria archives)

I had the great fortune to book Marlee as a DJ in February 2003 as an organizer of the 7th annual University of Victoria Women's Centre event, Groovefest.  I had received a word-of-mouth recommendation, and from the time I contacted her about playing the event to the actual evening of Groovefest, Marlee proved to be one of the easiest and most fantastic performers I've ever had to deal with as a promoter.  Despite some last minute minor disasters/ annoyances, Marlee remained cool and flexible.  She played three sets throughout the evening, and thanks to her, the crowd remained engaged and energized throughout the evening. 

I believe that having Marlee DJ for Groovefest was a definite audience draw, and played a part in the sellout crowd (over 350 people attended) and helped us achieve our goal in raising over $3000 for local non-profit organizations. 

The crowd loved the music, and I'm sure Marlee's Victoria fan base grew that night.  I would not hesitate to book Marlee again. Her passion for her work is obvious, and heck, she's good at what she does.

If you have any more questions, or I can sing any more glowing praises, by all means, feel free to contact me. 

Alison Pantytwist , Femme Mafia Productions

First time I met Marlee I could easily sense the vibe. Her passion for music, not just any music but music that she feels moves her and the floor, is unmatched. Sure you could say she's a great person and she is but a great DJ pays close attention to what moves the floor. That DJ is Marlee.

Jelo - AR, Geffen

Marlee has appeared on Select on MTV numerous times and has done an excellent job.  Her unique style makes her one of the best DJ’s that have been on Select.  I know Marlee to be capable to play any event where her style of music is suited.

Jeff Reid- Sound Express / MTV Canada, Vancouver

Describing Marlee as a DJ is almost the same as describing her as a person: Sweet, smooth, spontaneous, sometimes deep, sometimes sexy, and always sincere.

Liam Lux – Manager of Lucky Bar, Victoria
Female DJs tend to be able to shoot up the ranks of DJing with little or no talent to back them up.  Too many get by on the fact that they are women and look cute behind the decks.  What impressed me so much about Marlee was her total hatred towards this element of the electronic music scene. She has got to where she is based on skill, hardwork and determination. She is a welcome addition to any line-up and always seems to have a dedicated network of fans out in force when she plays.  There are only a few female acts worldwide that I would recommend a promoter booking.  Marlee is one of them.

Danny Usher - Neotribe Records, Fusion Groove Taiwan